WordPress Critical error- website down -Fix


Hello readers, Posting another important article which I experienced recently.  One day morning I just went to my webpage to see how my WordPress site is looking now and I got shocked. My WordPress was displaying critical error “ There has been a critical error on your website “. As everyone behave I was worried as it went to do impact on my visitors and my AdSense earnings. I tried many ways by replacing the WordPress template but after every 24 hours I was getting the same message “ There has been a critical error on your website “.

Finally, I found the root cause of this, I did the installation of some new plugins in the last 2 days ago and WordPress theme, WordPress version. And that was the root cause of the issue. Now coming to a solution for WordPress critical error on your website 

    1. Disable all your plugins From plugin manager  or from file manager of your hosting by renaming the plugin folder


    1.  Active each plugin one by one and refresh your webpage to check your site is still down or up


    1. If any plugin makes your WordPress down then simply deactivate that plugin and delete it. use another alternative


using this way my WordPress issue “ There has been a critical error on your website ” gone permanently.  so while installing any plugin please read its documentation and dependencies so you can avoid such error in the future. So whenever we do upgrade our WordPress version, plugin version, WordPress themes then we need to be more alert as it may impact directly on your visitors, AdSense, and google ranking. To install WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, WordPress updated version whenever it required only. I hope this solution will solve your issue of WordPress errors because of the installation of new plugin. Kindly like us of Facebook.

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